Tuesday, June 21, 2011

208 stitches

Well I continued to work on Found by HAED for one more day and I got quite a bit accomplished if I do say so. Instead of the meager 30 stitches that I thought I got done I actually got 208 about 50 of those stitches were done on Monday.

I also figured out why it didn't feel like I accomplished a lot, it is because I actually continued stitching a couple colors passed the end of the 10x10 square row I was working, I just couldn't stop stitching when there were only a couple to half a dozen left in that section but I didn't count them toward the total count right now because I'm only counting the actual row I'm working on so in a sense half of my work didn't count (if that makes sense) so when I move on to the next row on page 3 I will be ahead of the game because some of the stitching will already be done. Silly little set up but it works for me.

I have now moved on to Prosperity fairy and I'm going to stitch the hair, face and bodice until the bodice joins the wings. I'm doing this to make sure everything lines up the way it is suppose to before moving on to big chunks of stitching because we all know how cranky we get when we put in a lot of stitches with metallic and find out we are off by a couple stitches, I did that once and riped everything I had stitched over a 4 day period and have never picked the picture back up to restart it I don't want that to ever happen again.

Once I finish the section I'm working on and everything lines up I will be able to choose between 3 section on what I will work on next so if I get bored with all the metallic or all that red I can move on to another section.

Well thanks for listening.

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mdgtjulie said...

Your PF is gonna be gorgeous!! I can't wait to see her! Hope she matches up perfectly for you, and you don't have to frog. Good for you with Found. I'm glad you got some good progress on it, and if your system works, good for you!