Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fickle HAED stitcher

So I have just finished week 1 of my HAED/Passione Ricamo rotation of sorts and I am liking it. Number one reason is I know I can get both pictures done by the end of the year; Number two the way I am working on the HAED is working really well and Number three it is definitely giving me strong mojo since I'm happy with my stitching.

So this is about the third or fourth different style of stitching I have tried on HAED which is why I am so fickle but I think this style is actually working for me. It is pretty simple I had picked the top of page two and was working straight across stitching in every since stitch, then I am going to move to the bottom of page three but that is a story for another day. Anyway back to page 2 I have tried travelling over the top of the page, I have tried doing a 10x10 block at a time, I have tried finishing the same symbol for an entire page before moving on but none of these styles worked, some of them I just felt overwhelmed by the vastness of these designs other times the back of my stitching was a mess and I am anal about that and couldn't leave it like that and then other times I kept on making mistakes and getting frustrated that I always wind up putting the picture away in frustration but I am feeling none of that with this new style I am using so crossing my fingers I will stay happy with the way I am stitching.

I decided to switch from page 2 to 3 because there are bigger chunks of similar colors on page 3 and it will be easier to stitch on the train if I don't make a lot of color changes, which is another reason I stopped stitching this pictures because I was frustrated with the work I wasn't getting done on it on the train.

So here is the picture of the top row of page 2 completely finished.

and here is what the bottom of page 3 looks like before I add a stitch.

Well my goal is to take a picture of what I have worked during the week every Sunday and do a blog post so I can actually prove I have been stitching and doing more blogging LOL but whether that actually happens we will see.

Thanks for listening


Shelly said...

Nice work! I'm trying to drum up the nerve to start a Scarlet Quince pattern but there is so much 'tweeding'. I look at the pattern and feel overwhelmed! Hope the style you found works for you great!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm glad you found a style that suits you. Sometimes, nothing quite seems to click!! Grats on your progress. Will be looking for your next update!!