Sunday, June 5, 2011

The month of June

Well I am just dyeing for a finish in stitching but since I have barely started Prosperity I am nowhere near to that allusive finish.

To help reach my goal of finishing Prosperity fairy and Found by HAED by the end of the year I have decided to work on them both for two weeks span each until the end of the year or until their finish, hopefully this will keep me on track.

I so desperately want to place a 123 stitch order right now but with Canada Post on a rotating strike knowing my luck when the order is ready to be shipped it will be my province and towns turn to be on strike and it will be stuck in the deposit....I just don't know if I should take the chance.

Well off to finish my laundry for the work week.

Thanks for listening.


pandy said...

Hello from Langley! :) I, too, am rather upset about this postal strike as I just KNOW it's going to be swinging around our way when I go to order something. I hope it's over soon, my stash needs to grow, but I guess this just means I save a bit of money in the meantime!

mdgtjulie said...

Good luck with your order with 123stitch. I have three orders with them right now, and I'm hoping they can save me postage by combining the three, lol. One I place Friday afternoon (but I haven't gotten the email that says my order is ready for shipment), one I placed today, and one (I notified them in the comments section of the order I placed today) I had to place via email as the product is so new they don't have it listed for sale yet. I hope you get your order, and the post office doesn't foil you!!