Monday, July 25, 2011

Silly, silly me

So I truly am an idiot sometimes. Earlier this year I was working on a freebie Passione design, you might remember fairy celebration 3. I was using a hand dyed thread by Polstitch. I made a huge mistake and had to frog a chunk of it, as I was working further on it I realized I might run out of thread because of that frog. So I ordered two more skeins knowing I would probably have to ripe out the old and restart it.....I was sort of ok with that as long as the two new skeins matched and I was learning my lesson on dyed threads. Fast forward to last week I was inputting the new supplies I purchased and received into my cross stitch program and when I got to the threads, my program said there were 2 in my stash already, I just assumed that I had updated the program already with the new supplies so I just carried on with adding the rest of the stuff, then when I was putting the supplies away what do you think I found? Yep that's right I had purchased a second skein for this project and could have finished it months ago if I had only looked in my stash and/or pulled out all the supplies at the begining so now I have two extra skeins......Well before continuing with this project I am going to double check that the skein wasn't picked for something else because knowing my luck I picked it for another monochromatic design.

In other news I have made great headwave with Found and the only reason why I put it down was because I had to and moved on to Prosperity, which is what I was working on this weekend since it was too hot for anything else it, I made great progress and it looks fabulous. I am thinking of changing the schedule of working on each picture to a month instead of two weeks since I really didn't want to put Found down last time and possibly I can finish Prosperity sooner which will give me more time for Found.......something still to think about.

Thanks for listening, I will try and post WIP pictures tomorrow.
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mdgtjulie said...

Can't wait to see pics of both Found and Prosperity! I love looking at other people's pics, lol. Glad you got a lot done, and sorry you did the idiot thing. Don't feel bad though. I've done the idiot thing more than once, and you just have to move on!

Lana said...

Can't wait to see progress on Found and Prosperity! Don't feel bad! I do weird things like that all the time! then I look back and just want to hit my head on the wall cuz I feel so silly!!