Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally a post...but short

Well I would like to say I've been stitching.....but not really I'm just not in the mood so my goal of finishing Found and Prosperity Fairy by the end of the year are in serious doubt, I hope that when I'm on vacation in a couple weeks I can make up for lost time but I just don't know. I'm annoyed but I'm not letting it get me down since this is suppose to be a hobby not a job.

I promised to post an updated pics of Found which I haven't done yet but unfortunately I'm doing this post from work so I will have to edit this later with the picture once I get home, as well I think I have an updated picture of Prosperity I just can't remember what I posted last time so I need to check first before posting a new picture.

I have been working like a demon on Prosperity for the past two weeks (and I'm extending it another week) my goal is to finish all of the wings by the end of the week and with the way things are flying when I actually stitch this is very much doable.

I have decided that since 2 weeks per project is working so well I've decided to extend the time per picture to 4 weeks and see how well that works for me. This is just a short post since I'm suppose to be working LOL.

Thanks for listening.

****Here is an updated post of Found

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mdgtjulie said...

Such pretty colors in Found. It's looking soooooo good! Grats on the progress. I hope you get all caught up on your vacation. Good luck!!