Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Canvas Photos

So I have finally gotten off my ass and downloaded the photos from my camera.

Here are the supplies for Good Stuff by Deb Bee Designs, everything is there for the pastel color scheme for the design except for the regular DMC and the Caron watercolor thread since it was on back order when I took the picture, the color is called baby`s breath and it`s a pastel blue with some white and pink mixed in, it is a very nice complementary color and will go great with everything else that has been picked.

Next we have Looking Glass by Threedles, this designs is way beyond my expertise and so I am going to definitely have to work my way to this design, it is also the most expensive design I have ever bought.

Look at all those beads, they are bicones, cubes and swirly bugle type beads.

Next is the progress picture I took of Prosperity fairy before I put her away till next year. I was determined to finish her wings before putting her away.

And finally this is the photo I took of Found before I started by vacation. My goal is to finish page 3 which is two rows above the purple chunk that I have already done on the left. We shall see what I actually accomplish.

Thanks for listening.

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mdgtjulie said...

Everything looks good. I love those pastel colors you've picked out. they're gorgeous!!