Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick post

So today is the last official day of my vacation and I have to say it was one of my better more enjoyable vacations....or staycation which is what I have been calling it.

I did major spring cleaning in my living area, this task had been lingering for a couple months so I am so glad I finally got it done. I had to purchase a bookcase thingy from Ikea to complete my vision but it was well worth it.

I finally convinced my father to come with me to my storage unit and help reorganize it, apparently labels don't stick on rubber mate container indefinitely like I hoped so all my boxes lost their labels and I was searching for the first 3 harry potter books last month and couldn't find the box they were in, this really annoyed me so I knew I would have to redo everything. As well my little cousin is pregnant and due in Feb and I thought she might be interested in my sideboard that my parents gave me when they changed their living room deco, it would fit perfectly in a baby`s room, unfortunately the sideboard was at the back of the unit, so after 2 hours all my boxes are properly labelled and photographed; I know it`s weird but now I can look at the number and refer to the photo and see what is inside, and the sideboard is in the front of the unit for when my cousin is ready.

Then I have been spending a lot of time with my mom, she is a stay at home mom with no vehicle so she gets pretty lonely & bored so she enjoys my company even if we are sitting beside each other just cross stitching and of course the puppies were with us, its so funny to watch them play all day in the yard and then after they played hard I would turn the hose on them or we would play in their pool, it was too cute.

Then I spent one of the days with my best friend and her sister, then I got my hair cut (my best friend is a hair dresser) and then today I am spending the day with my best friend and godson while he is a an indoor play park.

And of course during my entire vacation I have been stitching, the first couple days I was too busy so I didn't get any done and in the last couple days it has been so hot that I can do it only in small doses because my lamp gives off so much heat, but I have also been staying up until midnight so I can stitch longer LOL. Regardless I have been getting a lot of stitch done and I really found a rhythm. My original goal was to finish up to the purple chunk (check out previous post picture) I think I can finish up to that point by this evening and then there are only two more rows to finish the page so my new goal is to finish the entire page by Sunday. I am still not sure I can finish the entire design by the end of the year but I will try.

Thanks for listening.

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mdgtjulie said...

Wow, sounds like you had a really busy week. Glad you enjoyed your vacation, and I'd love to see your new living room (or before and after pics. That would be even better!!) and your new bookshelf. You're still working on Found, right?