Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interesting times

So there are interesting times at work right now.

My co-worker "CW" has been having issues with the junior lawyer in the office. They have been having screaming matches. I have been staying out of it but as you can imagine with an open concept office floor plan that is easier said then done. The partners have been ignoring the situation which isn't helpful but things came to a head on Tues when she got carried away and one of the partners started bitching about her after she left for the day blaming her for the situation and then yesterday I found out that one of the other partners is siding with I don't know what is going to happen but my CW does realize that she could get fired or she might quit or the partners might take away some of her power in regards to the staff, I think that is a good thing. Either way it doesn't involve me so I am sitting back and watching.

I think both were in the wrong and both think they are in charge and they both need wake up calls.

Thanks for listening
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Lana said...

Wow! This is better than drama TV! Whens the next episode? LOL...just try not to get involved! I truly believe that Drama is a spectator sport! haha!