Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Update

Haha, thanks for the comment Lana, I completely agree with you and the 'spectator sport'. Like I said earlier I am just an innocent bystander by I can't help but hope CW gets pushed down a peg or two with her attittude. The fact that the situation in March still bothers me because of it's unfairness I put the blame completely on her shoulders and said as much to the partner I spoke to back in March. But then on the other hand she has 25 years experience in law/office situations and the junior lawyer has exactly 1.5 months of being a lawyer. Just because he's a lawyer and she is staff I don't think it gives him the right to treat us like shit on the bottom of his shoes (he doesn't treat me well either) nor should he talk over her when she is trying to help him and instruct him especially since the parterns asked her to train him.

Any who, onto a happier topic, today was Fizzgig's first birthday, so if you don't mind here are some of my favorite photos of him.

When he was 13 weeks.

I can't believe how much he has changed. He is so loving and makes me smile everyday.

**Backdated post since I was having trouble posting on Thursday evening.

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Lana said...

Happy Birthday Fizzgig!!!