Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quaker Christmas WIP

I have finally gotten a chance to show you updated pics of Quaker. What with the stress of strata, my computer dieing on me, busy at work and gearing up for Christmas baking I have found it hard to get an opportunity to do a post much less one with pictures.

This first one is page 2 and 3 finished. When I started back on Quaker I have already finished page 2 and was half way through 3. I was able to complete 3 in about 4 days.

This photo is of page 6 finished. I was a little busy while I was stitching this page so this one took me a week and a half.

This photo is of page 5 finished. I think this one took about 6 days to complete and I finished it a couple hours ago.

So now all I have left is page 1 & 4. My goal is to finished this pattern before the end of the month. It is going to be easy to fulfill that goal. I this can't believe I had this pattern so long as a WIP. I have also purchased Quaker #2 and will be using the same colors as this one but in reverse order. I don't plan on working on it for at least 2 years but it will definitely not be a long WIP if its anything like the current Quaker.

Thanks for listening


Shelly said...

Great progress! It'll be beautiful when you're done!

MoonBeam said...

Really pretty. Is it a rosy pink color, or more toward red?