Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well I am so glad that October is over, it was the worse month imaginable.
First off, I got completely blued out when it came to working on Found HAED so around Canadian Thanksgiving (October 11th) I put it away before I really started hating the design. So I obviously won't be able to finish it in time for my mom's birthday in March which was my plan. I have spoken to her about this and she's okay about it.....she actually joked with me and said she was surprised I lasted as long as I did with all that blue. So I have moved on to Quaker Christmas and I'm loving it!!! I can't believe that I didn't pick the WIP up sooner. I started working on page 3 which is where I left off last time I worked on it (there are 6 pages; I've finished page 2 already) and it only took me 2 hours to finish the page, then I moved down to page 6 which took about 5 days to complete and now I'm on page 5 which I hope to be finished by the end of the week which will leave just part of page 1 and page 4 and then I'm done. My goal is to complete it by the end of November and then I want to finish Fairy Celebration #3, then I will either do some biscornus or work on a canvas design, I haven't decided yet. But I still will only have managed to finish 4 pictures this year which is just sad :(
So now onto my issues with October. We live in a strata townhouse complex which I detest. I find council are nosy, pushy and don't really do anything for us it's all about them and spending our money on things that shouldn't be the strata's responsibility. Well they have decided out of the blue that the roofs need replacing.....now don't get me wrong they actually do need to be replaced soon they are about 20 years old but the way strata is going about doing this is what has me pissed off.
Last year at our AGM (annual general meeting) they mentioned quite briefly that the roofs need replacing and the consultant they hired figured in the next 3 year this should be done.....fine, fine I agree but then they did nothing about it until this years AGM were they announced in the budget paperwork that 30 of the 48 units would have their roofs replaced in 2011/12 along with the gutters and fascia so they would need $4500 from each unit to do this so they would be raising the strata fees from $205 a month to $515 (or we could give them a lump sum payment of the $4500) and the new payments would start in 2 weeks. WTF In this economy who the hell has $4500 laying around to give nor can come up with an extra $300 per month without any notice. My father was livid, he doesn't make enough money to cover this let alone for an entire year, we also have a single mom in the complex, a family with a disabled child, 6 families with small children, 1 family who have rented out their townhouse for hardship reasons and at least 2 family that one of them has lost their job recently. None of these family can afford this either......then two days later the AGM was cancelled and we were told there were some concerned and they would get back to us. Now they want to do all 48 units at $7000 per unit or $300 over two years. Oh yes, strata council this is so much better than the first option (not!!).
To me this is just absurd, instead of talking to everyone and seeing what everyone could afford and do a payment schedule with a timeline from that information or start saving last year or even 5 years ago they are throwing this at us now, and right before Christmas. What exactly have we been paying into the contingency fund for if not for a large expense like this.....oh wait!! that's right you (strata council) have spent the contingency fund money on expenses that weren't the strata's responsibility and now that we need the money it is no longer there....... grrrrrrr.
So the AGM is tomorrow and we need 3/4 of the units to vote this down and from a couple of the units that dad has talked to that might just happen, I'm holding my breath and being a pessimist about this and assuming it's going to pass, if that happens I can see half the complex putting their homes on the market which includes us. It's so frustrating.
**I have thought up a bit of a payments schedule that might work and I'm going to try and present it tomorrow and see if they bite.
And then 2 weeks ago our car died quite unexpectedly. My father was able to borrow the courtesy car from work to get me home (yup I was with him when it happened) but he had to return the car the next day. He had arranged a ride from my uncle to get him home after he dropped the car off but my uncle flaked on him so my 62 year old father with vein/blood pressure issues and a bad leg was forced to walk 24 blocks home half of which were uphill, thankfully it didn't rain that day and my uncle couldn't understand why my mom was upset at him afterwards. This situation fixed itself and my father was able to buy a used car from work but it was just the cherry on top of our October problems.
If you have made it through this post I thank you for listening. I usually like to keep my problems to myself because this is after all a stitching/work problems blog but I am just so stressed out I needed to vent.
I will posted some progress pictures of Quaker tomorrow if I get a chance to.....oh ya and my computer died on Friday so it's in the shop so I am posting from my net book and smartphone only so I might only be able to post 2 of the 3 pictures I've taken.
Again thanks for listening


Blu said...

What absolutely crappy month! I hope that the rest of the year is much better.

Andie said...

*hugs* sounds horrid! Hope it gets worked out positively!