Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am still here

I have wanted to post, really I have...I have also wanted to stitch too LOL.

So I am in the final stretch of Quaker Christmas, I am on the last page and have about 3/4 left to do. I had no idea that there were so many large motif on this page. I am alternating between the large and small just to keep this project moving.

My goal was to be finish before Saturday, we are going to a family christmas party and I want to show my great aunt the finished design but I just don't think this will happen.

Some one asked last month what colors I am using, I am using DMC variation colors I think the are #4200 & 4010. I will check if I am correct on the numbers and correct this post if I am wrong.

An update on Fizzy, so his injury turned out not to be that bad, he almost broke the dew claw completely off which was the best thing he could have done, or at least that's what the vet said. He would have done just that if his fur hadn't gotten in the way. So she just finished cutting the nail off, cauterized it and bandaged it up, he was a little red too so he is on meds for 10 days.

So Christmas is in high gear niw ant work and home and I literally am going to bed exhausted.....there is so much to do.

I bought myself a mini tree this year so I could decorate it the way I wanted to and then I bought jumbo ornies so they would jump out. I decorated it on Tuesday but I don't like how the jumbo ornies are sitting, they all seem to be at the bottom half of the tree so I am going to shuffle them around tonight.

Thanks for listening.

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