Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post & Finish of 2011

Yep, you read that right I was able to finish Quaker Christmas yesterday. But sadly I was only able to finish 3 in 2011.....very pathetic I will be trying for a heck of a lot more next year.

And now I have started back on to Egyptian Garden, I was able to finish the back stitching on the Arch's and now I will be working on the area with the lotus flowers, black cats and palm trees...I am so excited. LOL.

Check out the canvas kit I got for Christmas. It is called Diamond Eyes and I am doing the Allure color scheme which is the one in the middle.

Well everyone have a great start of 2012.


Wolfie said...

Hi there...was just doing a bit of blog surfing and found your blog through Julie & Yes Dear's Ravings blog (got to know her through Vicki from India Grace Designs) and I just had to leave a little note...I also have Egyptian Garden, but have not started yet. I have now got the fabric and most if not all of the DMC threads, but I have yet to collect the specialty threads and crystals...I can't wait is a gorgeous design:) Quaker Christmas is GORGEOUS! Wish I had that pattern as I love Quaker patterns:) We are in the process of relocating, and once that is done I am going to look for work (am a medical secretary) and once I get a salary coming in I will be able to buy some more stash...(as if I do not have Happy New Year! hugs, Ylva (currently in Orkney, UK)

Rachel S-H said...

Beautiful finish. I will watch for your progress on the garden--I think those are so pretty!