Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh dear

Well I am annoyed.....yet again. I will be so glad to see the end of 2011. So I have been so busy with shopping, wrapping, work, Christmas visits etc that I haven't put a stitch into Quaker Christmas for about two weeks. I am now wondering if I can manage to finish it before Christmas or whether I will be still working on it Christmas.

So, Fizzy's foot has completely healed now and he is finished his antibiotics as of yesterday. I was able to take off the bandage the vet put on his foot after about 3 days and he pretty much left it alone. So I am happy the whole situation is over now.

My mother's side of the family Christmas party was last Saturday and I was showing my great aunt a photo of one of mom's framed Mirabilia in the front hallway. I wasn't paying attention and neither was she and one thing lead to another and she dropped my camera onto the hardwood floor. I didn't think anything of it at the time so I didn't check the camera right then and there but I waited about 30 mins and now my display screen is completely black and I can't take pictures anymore *shit*.

I was told by the local camera guy in our area that the lens is misaligned and it will cost about $150 to fix, since the camera cost me about $125 two years ago I don't think it's worth it to fix. Also, I just got my Christmas bonus at work today so I am going to look for a new camera. I most definitely didn't want to have to do this right now before Christmas but I am hoping the camera I purchase goes on sale on Boxing Day if it does I get some of the money back so I will cross my fingers it goes on sale LOL and since I am using my bonus money it technically won't cost me a thing. What this also means is I won't be able to take pictures of any stitch until I replace the camera.

Thanks for listening.

**apparently blogger doesn't like this post, I have been trying for 2 days to post it and my 'publish post' button isn't working.

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demeter83 said...

Awww, hope you manage to get a camera you like. It's so upsetting when you suddenly realise that you no longer have a camera, it's amazing how much it gets on your nerves.
Hope you manage to get some stiching time it, it's awful at this time of year, ewither you have loads of time or absolutely none and there doesn't seem to be any middle ground!