Monday, January 23, 2012


Hello everyone. I hope 2012 is starting out nice and lovely for you all. It's going rather calmly for me.

I promise I have been stitching on Egyptian Garden just not much LOL. I have done half the row of far away palm trees (which is beside the arch's) and I have done one of the over one cats. I am currently working on one of the pyramids and the metallic border behind it. I am hoping this weekend I will be able to post a picture.

What I have been doing is reading. I got a ereader for Christmas so I have been using all the coupons that I received to buy some new books. I am currently reading A Discovery of Witches, I have heard good and bad reviews of the book and I am definitely on the side of it's a good read. The scientific DNA parts are a bit dry but I am really enjoying reading that kind of stuff.

Well that's it for now. Thanks for listening.

Next post I promise will have pictures.