Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stopping By

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by my dormant blog here. I would really like to think that my stepping away from talking has help my mind, body and soul but not really. I am in a true and utter funk and I don`t know how to get out of it. Nor have I really and truly picked up a needle and stitched at all. I am trying to help my mom finish a project (when there is a lot of back stitch she likes my help because I have younger eyes) but I warned her about my long as I am finished the design by June she doesn`t  care.

The first couple weeks I had a really hard time not stitching I would sit there and look at my projects on my stitch table and try to will myself to stitch, which is why I left the projects out on the table in the first place. But I just couldn't bring myself to work on anything longer than 10 mins. But as the days turned to weeks and now its a month my interested is completely gone. So instead of stitching I am doing a whole lot of reading on my ereader. I find it easier to slip into the fantasy of reading then relaxing in stitch.

I wont go into the details of whats bothering me because to be quite honest it`s a common thread in the world today...finances and the ways of the world. I known I am not the only one struggling so I don`t feel I have the right to bitch about it especially on a stitching blog. All I can say is I was naive in thinking I could come out of this economic problem unharmed but that is not the case and it has kind of shaken me. I am trying to just let it roll over me but some days are better than other.

I will try and stop by my blog more often and hopefully I can show you progress of the project I am helping my mom with but I cant promise how much other stitching I will get to this year, but summer is coming up and I always take a week off to just stitch so we will see what I can do LOL.

Thanks for listening.