Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello everyone. Check me out I'm actually writing a post LOL.
I feel quite a bit better then I did last month and I have actually started stitching again! Yay me.
I can honestly say I have no idea why I feel better, maybe it's the relatively good weather we have been having that is making life more manageable or maybe it's letting things roll off my back. I don't know but I like it, every time something negative comes about I think of a couple things positive and that kind of lessens the punch in the gut feeling, it sounds so simple but it is quite honestly the hardest thing to do.
Anyway, while I haven't been stitching I needed to keep myself occupied doing something productive instead of sitting in front of the computer/tv day in and day out, so I have been doing major spring cleaning instead. Number one item on my agenda was my storage unit, I realized in the fall that some of the boxes I have I haven't looked at for over 2 years so I kind of thought if I'm not missing the stuff in those boxes why the heck do I still have them. So in January I went into the unit and took photos and numbers every single box and made a plan of attack and every weekend since March I have been bring boxes home and going through them and purging. I also realized that I just had no rhythm or reason with packing them either and a lot of times I would go to the unit and spending 20 mins going through 1/2 dozen boxes just to find one item because I really had no idea where anything was. So after purging I started laying the stuff out on the kitchen table and repack like items into the same box then numbering and taking a new photo. I haven't done a final count yet but I am confident I have purged completely about 20 boxes which were mostly cardboard boxes and now almost everything has been moved into rubbermate container. It feels really good to purge. Most of the things I have purged have gone to a 2nd hand store that helps women and children in abuse situations.
And with keeping with the spring cleaning theme I have purged my bedroom closet of unnecessary stuff as well and was able to move my craft bins into the closet. It felt really good to do all of this and now I am so jazzed being in an organized room that my stitching mojo is coming back so I have been flying through the project I am helping my mom on and I hope to be finished it by the weekend and then instead of working on a new project or Egyptian Garden (didn't want to shock my system with a BAP) I have opted to work on a long lingering WIP, a dimension kit called Woodland Enchantress. I can only really work on this design at home because there are so many threads and strange thread combinations that it requires a lot of desk space and having every thread laid out. So this will be a slow and steady project that should help ease me back into stitching and eventually I will get back to Egyptian. I also have a couple small WIP that I want to finish as well so I will just let my mojo lead the way.
Well thanks for listening