Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well look at this two posts in one months I am on a roll. LOL.

So like I said earlier in the month I am starting a new type of rotation to get me back into the groove and I must say I am really enjoying myself. I don’t feel obligated to stitch everyday and when I do it feels like I’m starting a new project each and every time and if I feel like continuing to stitch on a project on a second day I do.

So what has this new system done for me? Well, I have a finish, my Tuesday project which was Frosty by Mill Hill I was able to finish it within 2 rotations, I also worked on it on a couple Sunday’s in-between other non-stitching tasks since I wasn’t feeling love for My Mom’s Garden by Shepherds Bush so it wasn’t a hard deciding to keep working on Frosty and then I actually threw away a project.

I had started Fairy Celebration #3 from Passione Ricamo a few years ago and I was using hand dyed dragon floss from Polstitches (I think). I have been working on it on and off for a few years now and I just couldn’t seem to stay on point with it, and the more I worked on it the more I disliked how the design was working out. Now don’t get me wrong I love the thread, it is very eye catching but unfortunately it really looks awful when stitched up like a fairy with a long swooping dress and I just couldn’t finish it. On top of that problem I also spotted a very unappealing dirt mark on the side of it and since it is a hand dyed thread I can’t wash the fabric (serves me right for not putting it in a zip lock bag to keep it clean when I was not working on it.). So I just didn’t know what to do. I have only ever thrown out one other piece and that was when I was a teenager and my sister spilled red wax on my project....I used to leave my projects in the living room on the communal coffee table so it was bound to happen eventually. So I talked with my mom about what I should do with the piece and as many of my fellow crafters have said. ‘This is a hobby not a job’ and if I don’t want to finish or have a project anymore I can choose not to. So that is exactly what I did I threw it out and I feel no guilt because of it. I will eventually restart fairy celebration #3 but I will have to think long and hard about what kind of variegated thread I will use. So that has now freed up a new spot in my rotation.

Another thing I have found with this rotation is that some days I am so enthralled with the current project that I continue through to the next day and sometimes even the day after that. I don’t feel bad because I know I will eventually work on the pieces I skipped over, so no guilt. So this is what I have been doing since starting this rotation

Monday: Autumn Biscornu – I took this project on the train for a couple days too. I am very close to being finished so I need to decide if I’m going to make it a priority piece this weekend or just work on it next Monday.

Tuesday: another Mill Hill design. I haven’t been in the mood to start a new bead kit so I have just been working on any project that strikes me or doing other tasks instead.

Wednesday: Spring Mandala by Ink Circle. I have decided to do the black outline first before any color so I am currently working on the area the q-snap is showing me, when that is finished I will decide either to move the q-snaps and finish all the black outline or start filling in the color.

Thursday: Snow White by LHN. I love this design. I just can’t get enough of it. I have been working on this design on Tuesday as well just for a few minutes here and there and I’m hoping that perhaps by the end of June I will be finished.

Friday/Saturday: Woodland Enchantress kit by Dimension. I was making a lot of progress on this design for a couple days but I have kind of petered off so I definitely will need to get back to it. Like I said before I find the various thread thickness and ½ stitches in the background a bit of a drag which affects the time I put into this design, and why it’s a long suffering WIP. I have decided to go back and work on her under skirt which is only 3 – 4 colors in full stitch and hope this helps me want to do the ½ stitch background and this is also why I give it two days in the rotation so if one day is a bust I have a second day to try and make it work.

Sunday: My Mom’s Garden kit by Shepherd Bush. This is the first time I have worked on linen and let me tell you it’s a bit strange. On my piece of linen there are chunks of fabric on the top (if that makes sense) and I know this is a natural occurrence with linen but it’s taking great restraint not to pluck them off the fabric LOL. I also had to switch out one of the colors in the kit it is called tumbleweed and it is suppose to be a white/cream but mine is more grayish and for some reason it blends completely with the fabric so I couldn’t see the diamond motif on the bottom of the design, since I have to stitch the sheep as well as some of the specialty stitches with this color I just knew I would have to sub it out if I actually wanted to see these elements of the design. I figured that a white or a B5200 would be too light and the usual 712 grey colors would also blend into the fabric so I had to go for a more grey/green color more ‘dirty’ so I could see the motif’s and the sheep would look dirty and not unnatural. All in all I am really enjoying this kit and it’s coming along faster than I thought it would so I am hoping in the next 1 – 2 rotation I can be finished this design as well.

with Tumbleweed thread

with DMC 3782

Well that's all the pictures for now. Hopefully I can get more stitching done this weekend.

Thanks for listening.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flip Flop

So I still a hit and miss with my stitching but I'm trying really hard LOL. I am trying a new rotation to stay on point. I am doing a rotation where I am doing a different pattern almost everyday. This idea is new to me so I don't know if it's something that works with my mentality so we shall see I am also hoping that this type of rotation will help get me through my pile of WIP. If nothing else it should be fun.

Here is what I have chosen.

Mill Hill kit - Frosty

Mothers Garden - Shepherds Bush

Autumn Biscornu - Barbara Ana Design

Spring Mandala - Ink Circle

Woodland Enchantress - Dimension Kit
They run the gambit of styles so I hope this is a good thing to keep me focused.

Thanks for listening.