Monday, October 1, 2012


Now normally I don't wade into this topic because to me it is pretty black and white. Just Don't!!!! no copying, giving, borrowing etc. of someone else's work/design without their permission and/or unless you pay for it.
But I am just blown away by a comment I received yesterday that I have to talk about it. I was in my local grocery store which sometime carries the UK stitch magazines and I happened to find an issue that I don't have yet. So I get to the check out and the checkout girl made a comment that she couldn't believe the magazine was 14.99+ taxes. In Canada the UK magazines range from 11.99 to 15.99 so I wasn't at all surprised. I explained to her that it was from the UK and that was why it's so expensive and I am very selective in which ones I purchase because of their price and that before I decide to purchase any magazine there has to be at least 4 - 6 designs that I like to make it worth the cost to purchase. Then she comments she can't understand why these designs aren't available online for FREE, excuse me!!!!! it took me a couple seconds to close my month and then I said to her "well the designers have to get paid for their designs" (as they should) and it wouldn't be fair to them if anyone could just download them off the internet, how would they make a living. Her response was "I guess so" and then she follows up with "well you can get knitting patterns online for free and you can also buy them individually as well".
I didn't want to get into an argument with her about how people try to cheat the system by purchasing a pattern and then posting it on a message board for free where anyone and everyone can grab it and it winds up that 10,000 people get that one pattern but only one person paid for it or similar scenarios like that.
Then she started to compare patterns online with ebooks and saying the book industry was worried about making money on ebooks (since they are offered cheaper then the paper versions) but that the industry is just racking in the dough now so why couldn't cross stitch do the same. I was so glad I was finished purchasing my groceries because what this woman was saying was pissing me off. It definitely enlightened me on why the copyright problems with cross stitch are so big and designers are having such a hard time getting it under control. 
Okay I'm getting off my soap box now, Thanks for listening.

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