Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The sky is falling

So I thought the next time I posted I would be posting a finish.....well I am really close but not yet so that will have to be later post.
I am however going to vent, so if you don't want to hear/read about it I suggest you don't bother reading this post. Smile
So 2 months ago our townhouse complex got the roofs replaced, as you will recall in previous posts the way they went around getting the money was ridiculous but nonetheless the roofs were done. Well Saturday was the first rain fall of the season and guess what, my 3rd floor window started to leak, first it was just a drip down the window frame, then there was a water bubble in the window trim, then beside the window, then water marks on the ceiling......Nice I mentioned to a couple friends that there was no way this wasn't related to the roof since we have lived in the townhouse for 8 years and have never had any water problems but 2 months after the roof and now we have damage quite convenient.
So Dad sent emails to the property management company which was of course closed on the weekend and spoke to two members on the council, I put towels down while we waiting for the weekend to end. But then on Sunday the water bubble was huge and it was really concerning me so we called the emergency people who sent out some restoration people, who brought industrial fans and a dehumidifier to the house while we waited for the roofers to come and check out the problem, it rained the whole weekend yikes!
Well property management guys was annoyed that Dad sent his 3 emails over the weekend, but as dad explained to him the damage to the wall and window changed so dramatically in a 6 hours span that it warranted numerous photos being taken and besides our contact on the strata council told Dad to do this.
Anyway, fast forward to last night, roofers came caulked where they thought the leak was coming in, told us the flat section of our roof 'was a mess' (they were hired just to do the peaks of each townhouse) and would be writing a report to strata council about this. I don't really care if the flat section is a mess, they the roofer brought on this problem because obviously when they put the pallet full of supplies on the flat section when they were doing the roof they caused damage to the flat section or when they ripped the shingles off the peaks they caused damage to the flat section because none of this was happening before they did the roofs.
And then the cherry on top of everything after dinner we were all downstairs on the 1st floor watching tv (since my loft is too hot/loud to be in right now) mom looks up to the ceiling for some reason and now there is a water mark on the ceiling on the 1st floor. Dad immediately called the emergency guys and talks to our council member and they both agreed that it is also roof related since the stain in on the seam line of the ceiling so that means water followed a frame piece from the 3rd floor all the way down the wall and then followed the beam across the ceiling or something like that (dad, emergency guy and council member all could understand this and it made sense to them). Mr. emergency guy said to keep an eye on it watch if it gets bigger or if it starts to drip and his guys will be out today (Tuesday) to assess the situation since they have to come over for the 3rd floor anyway. Hopefully now that the roofers have caulked the flat section there will be no more water and the mark won't get any bigger and then things can start being fixed.
Since we are part of a strata and all of this is exterior issues strata will have to pay for the damage not us. Cross my fingers that it stays that way, they have covered some bathroom leaking for other units in the past which are interior problem so it they try and make us pay for the 1st floor issue we will be fighting it. I imagine that our flat section will now have to be replaced, I am not sure if they can do it now with all the rain coming or whether they will patch it up some more and wait till the spring. Either way my wall, and ceiling will have to be replaced and repainted and depending on what comes about with downstairs it will have to be repainted too. I guess now is a good time to acknowledge it was a good thing that strata collected extra money for the roof fund for unforeseen expenses because this is definitely one of them.
If you have made it to the end of this post I thank you for your time and interest.
Thanks again for listening.

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Jeanne said...

Feel free to vent anytime! What a shame for this to happen. I hate roof leaks, we've had to fix several over the years on our house. I hope they pay for all of it but even so there is the inconvenience of having all the people out to fix it and the worry it might happen again. Hopefully it's a one-time occurance!