Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What to do, what to do.

So I finished Ink Circles Spring Mandala this past Monday and I have to say I really enjoyed the design and loved the end result.
I have now moved on to Cut Thru North Pole by Bothy Thread. I just love the bright and cheerful colors it has, even though I think it's too early for a Christmas design it just screamed work on on me LOL. I hope to post pictures of both designs tonight. 
Anyway, I am in a bit of a pickle and I am wondering if my cross stitch friends can help me or educate me. So I store my cross stitch finishes and WIP on my own personal computer as well as webshots and I link my webshots albums to my blog. I have recently heard that webshots has changed it's name to 'smile-webshots' and will no longer be free. I really am not interested in paying for yet another thing on the internet, I already pay for 2 family tree programs and pay for hidden object games that I play so adding another things just doesn't appeal to me especially since I haven't updated my webshots photos in over a year. But I do like to be able to click on a photo and be able to view my xs photos without having to be at my home computer.
So where does everyone put their photos? Does anyone post their photos in pinterest? I really don't understand what pinterest really is/does so I don't know if it's even possible to do what I am asking.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Claudia Valle said...

Theres photobucket & flicker too
I have mine in webshots too ...i guess its time to get rid of it since i dont see a need to pay for it either