Sunday, January 27, 2013

First HD of the year.

I have finally finished Cut Thru North Pole by Bothy Threads.

I subbed out the included pearl metallic with kreinik blending filaments, I felt the blending filament gave a better shine and was easier to work with. I also opted not to add the sequin stars,  I am not a fan of sequins on my cross stitch so it was an easy decision to make. I also decided after finishing all the stitches and back stitching to not stitch up the moon on the right hand side. It really didn't do anything for me.

Cut Thru North Pole, light blue aida

I have now started on Shimmering Mermaid from Mirabilia Designs on Blueberry Delight Silkweaver fabric. Like I mentioned in my previous post I was a little nervous about one of the colors. So I put in a chunk of stitching to see if the surrounding threads would help with the washed out color and thank goodness they did. I am very happy with how everything looks now. Here is what it looked like with some random stitching.

color issues

and here is what I accomplished yesterday. I am quite surprised at how much I was able to accomplish with a full day of stitching. I have never stitched a Mirabilia mermaid before so maybe this is the norm for them.

1 day worth of stitching

Hopefully this is just the beginning a a productive year of stitching and blogging.

Thanks for listening.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bumpy Start

So I have finished all the regular stitching on Cut Thru North Pole and I am currently doing the backstitching. I hope to be finished the entire design by Thursday.

Because I was so close to being finished I decided to kit up Shimmering Mermaid by Mirabilia early. Then I decided to put a couple stitches into the design to show myself where the centre of the design was so there would be no stopping me from stitching once Cut Thru was finished. Well, I am in a bit of predicament now.

The fabric I have chosen is Blueberry Delight from Silkweaver it's a cornflower blue/medium lavender fabric that I thought would make Shimmy pop. Well the centre colors going into the design are DMC 341, 340 and a third darker purple. If you are familiar with the design she has a 471 green patchwork body with purple fins flowing off of her back. I started putting in some 341 stitches and to my horror they are the exact shade of the fabric. Now I have in the past chosen a fabric that is similar to one of the colors of the design but usually they are accentuated with various other colors or have darker shades of same color around them, so in my mind I didn't panic because I thought the 471 green would surround the purple and everything would be okay, then I pulled out the actually pattern and realized that the fin and mermaid's tail don't really help each other out at all they are stand alone elements of the design CRAP. So Thurs/Fri I plan on putting some 340 stitches in and maybe some 471 and see if they help the 341 stitches stick out and not get lost in the fabric but in the back of my mind I guess I am going to have to figure out a back up plan if that doesn't work.

So my question to you ladies....has this ever happened to you and what do you do? Do you swap out the fabric (not sure I have a suitable alternative to do this) or do you persevere and hope everything works out? Or do you backstitch the area regardless of whether the designer wants you to or not so that an element pops?

I have only come across this problem on small designs where the white/grey threads blended into my fabric and I just subbed out the thread but obviously that isn't going to work for this design. I don't want to put a lot of work into the fin and design as a whole just to change my mind about the fabric and have to rip everything out and start again.

If I remember to I will post a couple photos to show what it actually looks like in the coming days.

Thank for listening


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plans for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone.
I expected to have posted sooner than this but alas life intervened.
So my end of 2012 goal was to finish Cut thru North Pole but that didn't happen LOL. I had that stupid cold/flu that was going around and honestly I felt like the entire month of December was a blur. I am currently working on the metallic snow and water at the very bottom of the pattern then I will be backstitching the 1st floor which will finish off the pattern. My goal is to finish it by the end of the month.
I have picked 10 projects to work on this year (not counting Cut thru) but realistically I know I will be luck if I finish 7. Of the projects I picked I think 4 of them are WIP and there are 2 that I am sick of seeing in my WIP pile so if nothing else I want those two finished.
I am back to stitching one at a time and will probably stick with it for the foreseeable future, I was finding my stitching very scattered at the end of 2012 so the thought of having multiple projects on the go when I couldn't keep one project straight is just skirting disaster. I am currently tidying up all my xs supplies (I do this every January) and organizing my stitching corner so I don't feel like I am being swallowed alive by my craft. Unfortunately my craft has taken over my computer desk so that is priority number one tonight is to unbury my desk.
I will be relaxing tonight in front of the tv so my plan is to finish off the white metallic stitching section on Cut thru then that just leaves the hand dyed water color and some random blues to be done.
If I remember I will add a progress picture to this post later.