Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Status

My goal was to be much farther along on Shimmering Mermaid (since it's such an easy stitch) but life is really interfering again LOL. February is quite a busy month for birthdays in my family so every time I turned around I was going to a birthday party/function which meant no time for stitching.
As well I got sick again at the beginning of the month with another cold/flu. I swear I was only heath for 3 weeks from my last cold/flu so I  was not a happy camper about that.
Anyway, back to Shimmering Mermaid. I made a huge mistake on the purple ribbon leading down and attached to the fin which could potentially screw the entire design up which made me freak out. But after I calmed down I think I have come up with a plan on how to fix it, since I had already finished the fin (which took an entire week to stitch) I had no intentions of ripping it out. Basically I torn out a little section of the ribbon and moved on to stitch the mermaids body instead and when the body joins the fin I will see what rows I might have to eliminate to make the ribbon properly join the mermaid's body and fin. Since the ribbon is just a band of various purples stitches whereas the fin has beads and the body has metallic and beads I think the ribbon is the less of the evils to fix. I also think fiddling with the ribbon won't be as obvious as fiddling with the body. But this definitely put a damper on my desire to stitch.
Before my mistake happened I also decided to give some love to Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliott. This pattern is actually next on my list of 'to stitch' after I finish Shimmering Mermaid. It is a current WIP. I was tidying up my stitching basket and decided to give it a look to see the status of the design. The goddess has a three panel shawl around her body in green, grey and blue that I was working on last time I picked her up and I was really close to finishing two of the panels so I decided to finish them before putting her away again. I now remember why I love Joan Elliott designs so much, they are easy to follow on the paper pattern and really easy to stitch and now I can't wait to work on Woodland Goddess again. :)
Well thanks for listening to my rant about stitching
I will try and post some photos of my projects in the next couple days