Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More work

So the saga continues with Shimmering Mermaid. I am stitching the brown/green section of the fin which is the area that truly joins the body of the mermaid to the fin. I thought I could do this area without having to fiddle with the stitches because of the mistake I made in the fin (that I am not tearing out) but alas it has become a mess when I tried to join the two sections together (body & fin).
After putting the pattern down for a couple days while I worked out a couple options I think I have come up with a solution that will work. The area that I have decided to fiddle with is 98% stitches and 2% beads/metallic stitches. So I basically I eliminated all the metallic and beads except for maybe one per line and fiddle to make sure everything lined up as needed and what I will do is when I am ready to add the beads at the end I will eye ball where I think a bead or metallic stitch goes and actually put it on top of the regular stitch that is already there. I am just so thankful that this section is a blending section where the body blends into the fin so the color change is quite subtle and there isn't much beads and metallic because of this subtleness so it should be an easy fix.
I am not very happy with this screw up but ultimately it just proves that I need to find two points of reference on a section I jump to when stitching not just one because counting mistakes happen.
I am currently working on three projects to help get my mojo back so hopefully this long weekend I will have some progress to show you in pictures.
Thanks for listening. 

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Claire said...

Hope you make some progress, Happy Eadter.x