Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am feeling the love for an HAED I have had in my WIP pile for years, I have no idea why I am feeling the love so badly that I am obsessed with stitching on it everyday and. I don't know maybe it has something to do with facebook changing it's home page settings and now all the photos posted on the HAED page I belong to now show up on my home page and I love to see everyone's progress and I get jealous over their success LOL. Either way thanks fellow stitchers for helping spur me on.
I am still stitching on Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliot and am making fabulous progress at home but I have now started bringing Found by Lisa Victoria by Heaven & Earth Designs on the train for my morning and afternoon commutes.
My goal is to stitch about 150 stitches per day on Found, which is actually quite easy. I pick about 3 - 4 different colors everyday and only work on those colors, this way I work on both confetti stitching and chunks of color. This helps me stay on track and I get to actually see progress occurring after a day of stitching.
I have also set myself a goal to complete this design by the end of the year. I purchased this pattern to make for my mom. She loves dragons and her favourite color is blue so a blue momma dragon with her baby was perfect in my mind, I have already told her I was making it for her but after a few years of asking if I was done yet I think she has given up on me ever finishing it LOL. But since her 60th birthday is next March I am now bound and determined to give it to her as a birthday gift so that is the goal I have set for myself and I am pretty confidence I can get it done.
I am taking a mental health day tomorrow and plan on planting my butt down in a stitching chair with my dog and getting some major stitching done, so wish me luck.
I do have some updated photos of Woodland Goddess, Shimmering Mermaid and Santa's Village but I think I will wait for another day to talk about them.
Thanks for listening.