Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stupid People

I have just read a very disturbing article in my local paper regarding my favourite dog park. It is about 10 block from my house and it is right beside an elementary school.
The article explained how a local resident that uses the park found embedded glass in the ground where the benches, water bowls and entrances to the park or located. She explained that they aren't huge shards of glass that could cut your foot but if your puppy likes, sparkly things and likes to chew on things they pick up they are liable to get really hurt. As well a large breed dog also ate a bit of what looked to be kibble left in the park and it turned out to be rat poison, the dog survived but it was touch and go. This really pisses me off, the dog park has been there for about 7 years, I realize that some people don't like having a dog park near their home; even though that would be a plus for me to buy a house where I could walk out the front door and be so close to the park. But to go out of your way to harm someone's dog is appalling.
Since the dog park is beside an elementary school I can't see the dogs being that noisy to actually disturbing anyone since the noise from the school bells and the students themselves is a heck of a lot louder than these dogs. I have actually been to the park when there was about 10 large dog in the big section and they all were too busy chasing their balls and twigs etc to even be barking. Now I have to be really careful when I take my dog there since he loves to eat things off the ground. The local police will be making night patrols of the area in hopes of catching the person/s responsible.
I am just so angry about this Emoji
Thanks for listening.

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Jeanne said...

That is awful, I don't blame you for being upset. There are so many nasty people in this world.