Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sickly 2014

Well my goal was to post more often in 2014, but as you can see that doesn't seem to be happening LOL. I have been dealing with a few health hiccups this year so my mind and body are truly not into posting. I have been able to put in some stitching on one of my projects but not consistently but hopefully I can pick that up once I feel a bit better.
Because I have been feeling like such a slug when I get home from work these past two weeks I have had a good chat with myself and I have laid down the law. I have to complete 1 proper task every day so I feel like I accomplished something, even if I feel like shit. I always make myself a task list but lately I have just been feeling overwhelmed by all these tasks and I wind up sitting at my computer staring into space and getting nothing done, so until I start feeling better I am only going to give myself one task and be happy when I finish it. Hopefully I will be back to doing multiple tasks in no time.
So I am taking a break from working on Found by HAED for the month of January, I am really close to finishing Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliot, I just have to give myself the time to sit down and give it some love. So I decided to work on Found for the entire month of February so I could work on Goddess all of January. I am making a pretty good dent on it, not sure if I can finish it by the end of the month now with being sick but I will be about 75% at least....I must remember to post an updated photo.
Well thanks for listening, hopefully my next post will be more impressive with pictures even LOL.