Friday, February 14, 2014

Health turn around

Well I am finally feeling better, January was most definitely long and painful. Lets just say a tooth infection, 2 rounds of antibiotics, chipmunks cheeks and 3 dentist appointments later and it has finally been resolved.

You can just imagine how much cross stitching I didn't get done because of the pain and discomfort I was having. I wanted to be finished 2 projects by now but alas I have none!!!

I was able to finish the skirt on Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliott, finished right side of Tribal Butterfly (can't remember designer's name). I will try really hard to post photos of these pieces tomorrow or tonight once I am in front of my home computer.

I have decided to concentrate all my energy on finishing Found by Lisa Victoria HAED by the end of March, it was a bit of a slow start on this goal but I have a plan of attack now and hopefully that will help me. What I was doing was trying to find big chunks of similar stitches and work on those and leaving the confetti stitches till later but unfortunately I am basically at the stage where 80% of it is now confetti so I HAVE to start stitching the confetti LOL. I am still having a hard time stretching my thread over wide spaces on the back of the decide to get from one confetti stitch to another. I really like my back to be just as clean as the front but that isn't going to happen with HAED projects, you are either going to stretch your thread over or you are constantly going to start and stop stitches which leave little tuffs everywhere, neither method is very tidy so I am just going to have to accept that my back is going to be slightly messy