Sunday, April 27, 2014


So last year I noticed a change in my cross stitch purchases and goals. I wasn't as enthusiastic as I had been in previous years and I wasn't really thrilled with the designs etc coming out so it wasn't hard for me not to run amok with my spending on stitch stuff, but it also worried me that I was losing my interest in cross stitch which is a big problem since I have invested a crap load of money into this craft.......but alas I think I was just maturing. I am more selective in my purchases now and I don't buy supplies for the sact of buying I am only buying supplies for patterns I have and I don't just buy fabric because I want to I wait until I have almost run out then I buy more; this of course is regular fabric, hand dyed fabric I buy for no rhymn of reason still LOL.

Now you are probably wondering why I am sharing this information with you all.  I think I realize that it's a good thing I didn't give up on my craft and should acknowledge how important it is in my life. It gives me balance, it relaxes me, it makes me happy and some times it takes me out of the dark place my life some times takes me. Now of course it also keeps me indoors when I should be outside getting fresh air and I do a lot of sitting on my behind instead of moving around which doesn't help me to lose weight but that is more me than the cross stitch. 

I have been having a really crappy health year. I used to tease my sister who has allergies and knee problems because every time I turned around she was at the doctors or on various medications, my mother and sister are very much alike in that sense, whereas my dad and I very rarely go to the doctor unless we are really sick. For example during flu/cold season sister goes to the doctor at least three times and is off work at least a week...... I don't go to the doctor and I suck it up and go to work every day because in my mind it is just a bloody cold and no big deal. Well I am very much getting my comeuppance now. As of today I am on my fourth prescription medication for the year. Now none of the ailments are life threatening or anything of that nature they are just frustrating and bothersome and unexpected.

If I didn't have my task of finishing Found this year I probably would have felt sorry for myself and gotten sucked into my dark place, but nothing kills depressing thoughts more then being able to see more of the blue dragon come alive on Found or knowing that a bad day can just disappear as each new stitch goes into a piece of fabric. Some days I just don't know what I would do without my stitch. Stitching also keeps my life in perspective,  the world will not end if I can't put some stitches in one day or that I wanted to finish Found in March but its almost May and I still have 4,000 stitches to go.

Well I think I have stood on my soap box long enough, thanks for listening.....moral of my story do what you love and everything else will fall into place. 

Hopefully next post will include photos of my Found progress, my train project RYO rematch color floral hues and Egyptian Garden which I was able to put some stitches into this weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Progress Photos

Okay everyone here are some photos of two of my projects. I have been working on tribal butterfly on my commute to and from work. I am hoping to be finished it by the end of March

and here is what the last run at Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliott resulted in.

I will be going back to Woodland once I finish Found HAED (Lisa Victoria), which is what I am working on today. I can't remember when I last posted a photo of Found so after I finish working on it tonight I will have to take a new photo.

Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Progress Pictures

This is my progress on both my WIP as of this afternoon.

I am happy to say taking a break from Found for a week to work on Ink Circle RYO designs has worked wonders I am excited to work on it again and I will be starting back on it tomorrow night (I am taking a break from stitching tonight). I will keep the RYO design as my commuter project though.

Found by HAED, Lisa Victoria, only 5,999 stitches to go

Ink Circle, RYO rematch using floral hues color scheme

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Further progress

So I am  taking a little break from Found HAED right now. I was getting a little frustrated with the lack of visual progress, even though I know I have put in over 1000 stitches in March. I am going to take a week and a half break or so and work on Ink Circle RYO square design called Rematch, using the color scheme Floral.

It is a pretty relaxing design which is what I think I need to recharge my battery for Found. I was taking the design on my morning commute but was also trying to finish a book at the same time and more times then not the book won out LOL.

I have done 3/4 page worth of the black border and just last night added some pink into the design ( was getting bored with the black). I haven't decided whether to continue adding some more color into the design or go back and work on more of the border. On one hand if I continue with the black I will have to move my hoop multiple times but once I finish the black I will be able to have a complete understanding on how this design will turn out but if I add more color I will be able to finish an entire page of this 6 page design. I am leaning more towards finishing the black and pink on the page I am working on then moving to the next page and only doing the black and pink there too and so on until all the black is finished. That would be a great progress photos to have black with a splash of color :)

Hopefully I can post a WIP picture of both designs tonight.

Well thanks for listening.