Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ta Da...I have a finish

After 5+ years of working on it on and off I have officially finished Found. I actually finished on the 14th but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post it. 

I am currently trying to finish my first Ink Circle RYO and then I have a whispered in the wind WIP. I told myself I had to finish those projects before I could start a new one. Then my goal is to work on Egyptian Garden another RYO and then another HAED in black till I finish or till the end of the year whichever comes first.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Final push

I have 687 stitches left to complete Found by HAED.

I was pretty excited to be on the verge of finishing it this past weekend. Unfortunately it was really muggy/hot in British Columbia's lower mainland on Sunday that after I finished my grocery shoppjng I was hit with a nasty migraine,  so there was no way I could even look at the pattern.

I am taking a break from the design for a few days so I can do some craft organizing and some long over due tasks. My goal is to get back into Found on Thursday and finish it completely by Saturday.

I have a couple projects to take it's place  that just need a little love and then they can be finished and then I want to launch myself into working on Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine. I worked on this designs a month back when I needed a break on Found and I just flew through the section I worked on and I was reminded how much I really like this design. I know its probably a bad idea to work on back to back large projects but that is why I am doing a couple quick finishes first and I have picked 3 designs to work on when I get bored of Egyptian or I need a break so I don't loose my mojo.

In honor of finishing my first HAED I have purchased two more LOL. One is called Tribal Owl, it is this beautiful white barn owl on a nice light blue background,  there are only 4 blues in the background so I could probably whip through at least 6 pages of this design right away. Then I purchased a QS called Lady bug, it is just the black outline of a flower and lady bug and some other stuff which I can't remember, unlike most HAED the stitching doesn't cover the entire fabric space so I expect this to be a rather quick finish. I am hoping I can fit it into my schedule of projects for this year but its no big deal if I don't.  I am going to put the design on 18 count simply sunshine by silkweave. I bought this fabric (vibrant yellow) because it looked cool but I had no idea what I was going to put on it, as soon as I saw this pattern I knew I had to have it for this fabric.

Well thanks for listening, next time I post I promise there will be a happy dance photo.