Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Progress on WIP

Hello I have been radio silent for awhile. Sorry about that. Life is a little busy in my neck of the woods. Work has been crazy busy. Weather has been killing my stitching schedule and I have been quite flip flopping regarding what I want to stitch. As well, we just welcomed a new member of our extended family and have another one arriving in November.
After finishing Found I brought out Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine. I was hoping to work on it exclusively till the end of the year, but it's never a good idea to start another BAP design right after you finish one (or at least it isn't good for me). I worked on it for a couple weeks and got a fair bit done on the left side brown border and then started on part of the palm tree. My intention from here on out is to work on it a level at a time and rotation my q-snaps around to accomplish this, this way when an area is complete it's complete. At the time I also put away Ink Circles Rematch in floral hues color scheme to give me more time for EG. I haven't gone back to it just yet but I hope to soon.
Egyptian Garden 
Rematch - floral hues
I have also started working on Tribal Butterfly as my commuter piece, unfortunately I didn't get very far that way. I have a couple of new books on my ereader that I have been reading instead of stitching, but since I have been home this week I have been able to fly through tribal butterfly. It is such an easy quick pattern I just don't know why it took me so long.
Tribal butterfly, not the greatest photo
I also gave Winter Quaker some love but I just wasn't into it so I put it away until I felt like working on it.
Finally I picked up Dog Lessons for People by Lizzie Kate. I wanted to start this design in June but for whatever reason I 'misplaced it' in my project bin. I stumbled across it a month ago and decided to start it right away. I probably could have finished it in 3 days but with the heat and new baby and first round  of vacation nothing really got done. I truly enjoyed the piece and can't believe how fast it come together. I have 2 or 3 more of LK samplers like this that I might pull out and work on if they are as quick as Dog Lessons, it has truly been a joy to stitch this pieces from start to finish I definitely want to put my mind to how I am going to final finish it.
I have now moved on to Santa's Village by CCN. I started it last fall/winter but got bogged down with Christmas and work so I only got as far as house #3 of 12 before I put it away. So I have pulled it out again and I think I will stick to it until completed. It always was a fun stitch and since it is a few months before the Christmas rush which always interrupts by stitching that should give me ample time to get it done.
Well I think I have given status updates on all my projects. Thanks for Listening.