Saturday, November 29, 2014

Things are looking good for another finish

Sorry I have been silent yet again in my blog posts but I am really trying hard to finish my latest project before the end of the year. Not sure if I will actually finish before Christmas but maybe before January 1st.

Anyway enough chatting here are some photos

Tribal Butterfly....not sure if I posted the final finish so I will just post it again.

Excuse the wrinkles haven't had a chance to iron it yet.
So the project I want to finish by the end of the year is CCN Santa's Village. I started house #9 this morning and I am hoping to get a good chunk of the house done tonight before bed.
Here are the photos of house 4 - 7 I haven't had a chance to take one of house #8.
House #4

House #5

House #6

House #7
Thanks for listening.

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