Monday, January 12, 2015

Almost a HD

Happy New year everyone.
I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted.......
Well the holidays were quite hectic this past year with the arrival of a new cousin, arriving on December 4, then the baby shower for the new addition, Christmas parties and then 3 days of Christmas celebrations and, so basically I don't think I stopped from December 4 till January 2nd I was so busy.
Because of that I got virtually no stitching done. I tell myself this every year, don't plan on finishing anything in December but every year I convince myself that I can, well I had 4 houses to finish on Santa's Village by CCN at the end of the November and was hoping I could finish them and have it be my 5th finish of 2014.....nope didn't happen I still have 2 houses left. So I am going to just keep plugging away on this project until its done.
I am doing something a little new this year though. I am not making a list of projects to do this year or pick a number I want finished by the end of the year. Nope, all I have done is picked a random 20 or so projects that I would like to work on and I will just work my off this list, there will be no rhyme or reason to which ones I pick or what order and at the end of the year I don't really care how many I actually finish. I just want to enjoy myself.
Well thanks for listening, hopefully in a week or two I will have a HD photo to show.