Friday, September 25, 2015

Seasonal Maintenance

Well I decided since I am trying to get my butt in gear with stitching that it was time to do some maintenance on my blog. I was no longer feeling the baby blue background, since its now Fall so there needs to be some fall colors LOL.

While I was at it I realized that the photos needed to be updated so when I get home tonight I will post some current WIP photos.

I noticed as well that since creating this blog my cross stitch likes and dislikes have changed, which also means the blogs in which I read have changed as well. So I have perused my reading list and removed the blogs that no longer hold my interest, some are because the ladies have stopped posting, some have switched to quilting or knitting and some work on a style of designs that just don't hold my attention anymore. I've got to say it was really hard to do that, I love looking at every one's WIP and finishes and hope I don't offend anyone but I read over 50 blogs at any one time and that takes a lot of time to do while on a tablet or mobile device so if I am not loving the content why am I still reading the blogs?

Thanks for listening.

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