Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer is finally over

So I don't know about you but this summers heat wave we had for about 3 months killed my stitching mojo. Usually by this point in the year I have completed at least 6 projects and sometimes I have gotten up to 8. But not this year. Not only did summer come early in my neck of the woods but it was extremely hot, so the thought of picking up a needle or touching fabric was not happening.

I have this cute birthstone fairy design that I could probably have banged out in 2 weeks but it has been sitting and lingering for at least 2 months now. I even started to bring it with me on my commute to work on the slim hope I would feel in the mood to stitch, or feel the need to pull it out during my lunch hour while in the air conditioned office, but alas neither of these situations happened.

It is quite embarrassing that with the amount of money I have put into this hobby that most of it has been sitting in various boxes, bins and bags doing nothing. Silver lining is that it started getting a little chilling in my neck of the woods about 2 weeks ago and I decided to get my butt in gear and start stitching again. To get my mojo started I started a slight monochromatic design (Tiramisu by Glendon Place) as a little warm up and it has done the trick I am getting quite jazzed to stitch again, it also helps that the fall TV schedule is coming back on which is prime stitch time for me as I relax for the night.

So hopefully by Monday I will have gotten quite a bit done on my birthstone fairy and can post a nice photo. At this point in the year I don't think I will get my 10 projects done but if I can finish off the 8 I have picked as priority pieces I will be very happy.

Thanks for listening

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