Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tis the Season to do NO crossstitch

I have been really struggling to be consistence with my cross stitch. I would say since late November I have gotten little to no stitch done.

It got so bad I switched out to another project to help getting me going, it sort of helped but not much.

Here are some progress photos of my 2 projects

July Birthstone Fairy


I expect from today onward there will be little to no progress, until after Christmas.

I am so close to being finished with the birthstone fairy. I swear I should lock myself in a room and not come out until it is complete. That will be priority #1 in the new year.

As it stands I only got 3 projects done this year and only one of them was sort of big. My 2 biggest problems is 1) when I do pieces for someone else for some reason I go super slow 2) I stopped taking projects with me on the train.

If I ever want to get back to my 10 - 14 project goal per year I think I should alternative reading and stitching on my commute to and from work so I can give some love to more projects LOL.

So as of yesterday I switched up my projects yet again and am giving some love to a little LHN kit called Spiced Tea. I really feel the need to have one more finish this year which I think I can get with this little kit. Wish me luck

Thanks for listening.