Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cross stitching like crazy

Hi everyone, sorry for being MIA but instead of my usual excuse of no stitching the reason why I haven't posted since January is because I have been stitching like crazy.

On Tiramisu by Glendon Place I have finished pages 2, 3 and 6. I can't get over how fast these pages are getting finished. I can literally finish one page in a week or sooner depending on how much stitch time I have. Here is my latest progress photo, this is actually only pages 2 and 3. I think my photo of page 6 is still on my camera. I will upload it and perhaps do another post in a few days. A PS on this photo, even though the cream on the top right doesn't show up very well it is beautiful in really life.

Tiramisu by Glendon Place

Next I gave a little love on Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine. I have decided to give some of my BAPs a little love one day a week (if I have time). I find my BAPs to be so overwhelming that I can't work on them for weeks on end without burning out so I figure if I can give it a little bit of love than that will help move them along. On EG I am still on the fence on whether I work on each layer until completed around the whole design or whether I just divide it into 4 and do each section until completion, for now I am doing the left section.

Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine
I have put EG aside for now and changed it to another BAP that isn't as far along as EG and kind of needs more time worked on than EG. I am hoping to get back to EG in the summer, perhaps while I am on some holidays.

So I also decided to start working on a small project on my train commute to work, of late I have been reading or sleeping on the train, which is quite boring and especially in the morning I feel very unproductive so I need to change things up. Here is Winter Silhouette by Imagining designs (I believe). The original design called for navy fabric but I love monochromic Christmas designs on Christmas red fabric. I have actually gotten a bit more done on this project then show and I didn't realize until writing this post that I haven't taken an updated photo.

Winter Silhouette

I have also discovered Flosstube, in case you aren't familiar with it there is a cross stitch community on you tube that post either weekly or monthly videos about their progress on their WIP or various craft purchases or even stitching techniques. I find them fascinating, some of them really churn out the projects, other have triple the amount of WIP then I do (I currently have 17). But they also have introduced me to designer/patterns, etsy shops, hand dyed fabric colors I had never heard of or in the case of fabric hadn't seen in real life before.

Which brings me to an addition to my 2016 stitching schedule. I have decided to join the Cloudsfactory Postcards from the World SAL. It started in January and they have already released Venice and Paris blocks but I figured since I am almost finished Tiramisu I can do up the border and any blocks that have already been released and be caught up in no time. Then at the beginning of every month I can work on the new block that is released and finish it and then switch back to my current WIP. The design is adorable if you want to check a look at it here is there website

I also have the SAL from Frosted Pumpkin from last year that I was going to stich on this year called Once Upon a Time Sampler and I have decided to work on it at the same time as Postcards. I need to finish the border and then I will stitch on one block every month like Postcards until finished. So in theory the first 2 weeks of every month will be a SAL block and the last 2 weeks will be my current WIP. I honestly think I could finish both blocks within the first week of every month but I am not going to hold myself to that because we all know life interfere with our stitch time. LOL

Well thanks for listening. Hopefully when I post I will have more up-to-date photos and on multiple projects.


Shelly said...

Tiramisu, and EG are looking great. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed over big WIPs! I have a WIP that is 3/4 smaller the size of EG but it still freaks me out! Have fun with those SALs.

Blu said...

Lovely stitching!