Saturday, April 23, 2016

Progress Made

Well my needle has been smoking again LOL.

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. I have so much to show you.... I definitely shouldn't have taken so long to post.

As I mentioned in my last post  I am participating in 2 SAL's this year. One is currently going and the other one is from a couple years ago and I decided to join them together. Since my last post I was working on nothing but them so I could get caught up....Big mistake by the time the April block was released I had no interest in stitching it LOL so I took a week break from it and worked on other projects, but I did return to the SAL and am now all caught up and waiting for the new blocks in May.....

Here are the first 4 blocks from Postcards of the World by Cloudsfactory

January - Venice

February - Paris

March - London

April - Moscow
Really love this SAL. I am now going to only work on it the first weekend of every month. Generally each block takes me a full day.

Now the second SAL is Once upon a time sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin, which was released in 2014. I currently have a love hate relationship with it. I chose rustic/oatmeal colored fabric and the white in the pattern just isn't showing up that great in photos, it's not bad in real life but none of my photos are doing it justice, I have actually tried 3 different types of thread hoping to make it pop more I have settled on DMC satin thread.

January - Snow white

February - Frog Prince

March - Three little pigs

April - Goldilocks & 3 bears
Now after I finished up to April on the SAL's I couldn't really decide which project I wanted to work on so I started/worked on quite a few. I first worked on Shimmering Mermaid for a couple days

Shimmering Mermaid on Blueberry Delight fabric
I worked on her skin and part of her hair, but I just wasn't completely feeling her. But I also worked on Tribal Barn Owl on Thursdays, I plan on continuing to work on it for the rest of the year and see where I am at then. I am working on 25 count 1 over 1.

2711 stitches

Then I started working on Peter Pan by Bothy Threads. I have quite a few of these fairy tale kits and I really love them. This is going to be a really fun project.

Peter Pan
Then I pulled out a really old WIP that was pissing me off which is why I put it away, it is Woodland Enchantress by Dimensions. There are so many threads and some are 1/2 stitch with 5 strands, some with 4 or 3 so it became very confusing for me when I first stitched on it. This time around I am stitching 10x10 blocks in the bottom right similar to what I would do with a HAED. I am hoping this will help me not get confused and frustrated and hopefully once I start finishing off some of the threads that will help in it not being so overwhelming.

Woodland Enchantress
and finally my newest start which happened yesterday was Northern Expressions Shades of Orange. Nicole the designer of NE has come out with a bunch of shade patterns each more prettier than the next. I have basically fallen in love with them all but Shades of Orange called to me first.

Shades of Orange -on champagne cocktail
Since I have so many recent pieces I have worked on and still want to work on I decided to start a bit of a rotation each piece has been given a day of the week to work on it.

I am still working on my train projects but I have also been reading a bit more so not as much progress was made. I have decided to give them some love on Friday just in case I didn't get anything done on them during the week.

Mill Hill Merry Ornie

Winter Silhouette on Victorian Red

Well thanks for listening to my very long and late blog post.


Shelly said...

You've been busy and everything looks great!

Blu said...

So much gorgeous stitching!

Jeanne said...

Lots of great projects Nicole - it's easy to commit to those SALs but those are big projects - keep marching and you'll get there! I love your Winter Silhouette on red....I stitched that a couple years back on blue, it was fun stitching without having to constantly change floss colors!