Monday, July 11, 2016

Taking a Break

I know it is really silly to say I am taking a break from my blog since I haven't posted to in since April. But I had big plans to update you all with a few finishes, quite a few starts, a nice amount of birthday haul and the whole bit...........but alas on June 29th I was given my walking papers at the legal firm I had been at for 15 years and right now even my beloved stitching isn't giving me any solos.

I truly feel lost and it has taken me till yesterday to realize my life isn't over. Basically I was freaked out at the prospect of getting a new job after 15 years and being 40.  I have talked to a legal recruiter who has reassured me that my experience and chosen profession are great assets, even if July and August are shitty months to look for a job. I have a pretty decent severance package so all is not necessarily lost but for now, I need to concentrate on getting my life back on track.

Thanks for listening

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Nataly K said...

Nicole, I wish you the best in finding a new job. As hard as that may seem we live in a generation of accessibility and networking. Go find that perfect job! You can go it!