Saturday, June 17, 2017

Changes have come

Hello everyone, so sorry for the long absent.

A lot has changed in my life and I am still trying to adjust back into things.

First things first......I have a new job. I started a temp assignment at this law firm right before Easter and by the end  of April it had turned into a permanent placement. I am really happy with this job, there are still some bumps as it is a new type of law and some days I feel like an idiot because of that but on the whole, it is perfect. I am still on my 3 months probationary period until July 11th. But I had an informal meeting with the HR manager last week who told me the lawyer couldn't stop raving about me when she asked him how I was doing so I am pretty confident at this point that I am here to stay.

I have to say this whole experience still pisses me off and I still have blue days about the old firm but realistically I have to remind myself that if they had decided to lay off the other secretary instead of me I don't think I would have felt secure in my job anymore and would have started looking for a new job anyway. So yes the path was bumpy but it was meant to be.

Anyway, the new job is an extremely busy firm and most days the time flies by and by the time I get home I literally fall into bed so my stitching has really suffered. I would say in the past 6 weeks I have probably only stitched 10 to 12 days and probably for only an hour,  so I really and truly have no progress on any of my projects except for maybe Happily Ever After from the Frosted Pumpkin. I am currently working on the June block  and am about halfway done, so hopefully by the end of the weekend or Monday it will be complete.

I am going through a bit of startitis right now too and I really want to start something new but since I am not stitching much and have about 17 WIP, I told myself I couldn't LOL. I did kit up one of my mini WIP to be taken on the train next week......I was getting bored with reading on the train so I figured it was time to bring my stitching.

So hopefully in the next coming weeks I will get back into a better groove with my stitching and blogging and have photos and progress to show.

Thanks for listening.