Saturday, September 2, 2017

Progress & Bingle watching TV

How in the world can it be September already!!!
As much as I enjoy the summer I am really glad that September is here. I find I am in a bit more on a schedule in September (fall in general actually) then I ever am in the summer, especially when it gets super hot.
This afternoon I find myself sitting in my stitchy spot, stitching away on the September block of the Happily Ever After SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery enjoying a nice cold beverage binge-watching Outlander episodes in anticipation of the new season starting in a week.
That's another thing I like about the fall, the return of all my shows. I find in the summer there is nothing to watch on TV so instead of stitching I spend more time flipping through channels looking for appropriate background noise instead of actually stitching, which wastes valuable stitching time. I know, I know I should be outside enjoying the weather, and I do I just am not an outside stitcher. I like to spread all my supplies out on the table and I never have enough 'things' to put on top of my papers so they don't fly away when I am outside. As well it never fails my dog starts barking just when I am getting into the groove of stitching, so stitching stays inside and I enjoy outside with either music or a book.
Anyway, back to stitching after I finished the August blog of HEA SAL I opted to work on New Year in the Village by AAN for a couple days. I am working on it on navy fabric which I find is just as difficult as black so I had to turn on every bloody light in my stitching corner to be able to see the holes properly and at one point I had to stitch with a dark green thread so dark green on dark blue wasn't much fun. I gave it a couple days and then moved on.
New Years in the Village - AAN
I have now moved back to the SAL and once that is finished I will give some love to QS Lady Bug from HAED, since it is only stitched with black thread I am hoping to finish a page or 2 before I move on to another WIP. I think I might alternate between the SAL and Lady Bug until I catch up on the SAL.
Another think I want to do in the next few weeks is look over all my WIPS and try to decide what my plan of attack is for the rest of the year. I want more finishes and to make room for some new starts in 2018. One thing I have noticed already is I always seem to forget about the digital patterns I have purchased over the years. I have this great collection of potentially quick stitch designs that I haven't touched since I bought them so I am thinking of randomly picking a few designs and adding them to the pile for next year and the year after to be stitched. Sometimes I get bored with my choices for projects for any given year so it would be nice if I had a little design ready to be picked up at a moments notice to work on and finish. Or at least in a perfect world this would happen LOL.
Anyway enough rambling, time to get in more stitching.
Thanks for listening.

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