Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Current WIP

Wouldn't you know it the moment I say I am going to post more often it gets super busy at work.

Better late then never, here is my WIP from last week Grab Life by hand on design. This week I am currently working on Part 5 from the Grimm Fairytale SAL. I will post a WIP once I finish the section.

Once I finish Part 5 of Grimm I will return to Grab Life unti it is finished. I haven't decided yet whether I will return to Shades of Orange and finished the final 5 pages or if I will work on another WIP that is close to being finished, which is Purple Paisley

Purple Paisley
I am really wanting to finish off some projects that are close to a finish, which is both paisley and shades of orange but paisley is like 1/2 a page left to do whereas shades is 5 more pages and they are big pages. I am really leaning towards paisley.

Shades of Orange
This is the photo I took before I started working on page 5, which is the blank space on the left side on the second row.

I got a call from HR on Monday and apparently the 2 partners of the law firm I work at were chatting recently, currently we are alternating staff in the office but the 2 partners are going into the office everyday since there offices are on opposite sides of the office. My immediate boss commented that he could really use me in the office more so the other partner asked the HR if she could talk to me and see if I am comfortable coming back into the office. Truth be told I really enjoyed my time in the office in April when it was my rotation and working remotely from home is getting to be a pain. Of course it's for the health and safety of everyone but we have done such a good job of flattening the curve in my province that our health officials have announced that we can start to loosen some of the restrictions.

So I told HR that I would me more than happy to come back into the office. It also was a bit of a pat on the back to hear that my boss "really needs me". I go back to the office Wed and Friday this week and then next week I am full time going forward. Unfortunately the transit authority has scaled back on buses and train because of everyone staying at home so my hours will be a little wonky until they are back to normal.

Thanks for listening.

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